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Weatherproof Exterior Window Stickers & Buyer's Guides 

  • Superior Visibility - Custom designed for your dealership, full color and glossy high white, our NL Exterior stickers are visually attractive and easily read. Interior stickers are often hard to read through the tinting on many vehicles.

  • Superior Functionality - QR Codes are difficult to scan through windows with tinting. Exterior stickers make the QR codes easily scannable for mobile technology devices.

  • Superior Technology - CarFax plug in integration is available and printed directly on the stickers, creating a more credible and customer attractive presentation. (Dealer  must have CarFax Account for sticker plug in)

  • Superior Information - Our Reviews and Awards section adds valuble 'non vin' related information to the sticker and makes for a better overall presentation.

  • Superior Durability - NL Weatherproof Exterior Stickers and Buyers Guides are fully weather tested and will remain high white and bright in direct sunlight without fading. They will not deface if hit with a pressure washer or if the vehicle is put through a car wash. Cold, Rain, Snow, Heat – no problem.

  • No Roll Down Loss - When a customer on a test drive rolls down a window interior stickers will often peal off and need to be replaced. NL Exterior stickers do not have this 'peal off'vissue during roll up and roll down.

  • No Tint Damage Loss - At time of delivery when the vehicle is sent to detail to be readied for a customer, interior stickers are often removed by porters or detail venders using razor blades. NL Exterior Stickers and Buyers Guide adhere to the 'outside' of the window,where there is no tint.

  •  Scanable QR Codes that directly link to "mobile" VDP


  • Reviews & Awards from hundreds of accredited automotive sources


  • "Real-Time" CarFax Integration on Sticker

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Automotive Window Stickers Ordering Overview


Car Paper, a division of NetLook, offers a wide range of blank and highly customizable pre-printed automotive exterior window stickers, FTC buyer's guides, and addendedum material. Make your vehicles stand out on your lot with our state-of-the-art weatherproof/exterior window sticker paper! Contact Us today for a quote or more info!


Best Practices in relation to setting up an account with NetLook Inc.

  • Importance of setting account properly with CarFax

  • Getting the feed from your DMS or other 3rd party site(s)

  • Time windows to set account

  • Setting up accounting information (fillable credit card form online)


Best Practices  "How to print Window stickers" in the field

  • Printer to use (Laser printer only for interior or exterior paper)

  • Setting on printer

  • Printing on other platforms vs. printing on NetLook platform


Exterior Window Sticker Instructions (specifically for Ricoh duplex printers)


  • Load Exterior Window Sticker material into Tray 1 of the printer. This paper is loaded with the DIE CUT SIDE UP (peel able side up) , so that it will print in the proper orientation. You will not need to change any settings on the printer. NOTE* eg: Step 1 is not necessarily true, die cut side is not always going to be facing up when doing one-sided print jobs versus duplex printing.


  • Approach the vehicle that you have printed a sticker for. Wipe the window with the provided Terry Cloth Towel. Make sure that the window is free from moisture and dirt.










  • Remove the outside edge of the paper just like you would a standard window sticker.


  • Now you are ready to apply the sticker on the window. Line the window sticker up with the bottom of the window to ensure the cker will be straight. Make sure to completely secure the edges of the sticker to the window . If the sticker is away from the window it will allow moisture to get behind the sticker and not stay adhered to the window for very long. Do the same with the buyers guide. Completed stickers should look like picture below on the right.