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App Summary


A detailed inventory maintenance utility that features a daily email "push" report that provides current updates

regarding  the health of your inventory pertaining to the % of vehicles with and without photos, live videos,

internet prices, custom comments and other merchandising information. 

App Features & Benefits



Inventory Health Report App

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  • The NetLook Inventory Health Report is an essential tool in maintaining and managing the effectiveness of your online inventory presence

  • An “Email Push Report” is sent SEVEN days a week, arriving at 8 AM EST to the inbox of any dealer managers, employees, lot service providers or other personnel that you choose to designate

  • Fully customizable options to specify criteria to cater to individual dealer needs and on-lot practices

  • Vehicles are sold, taken in on trade, purchased or sold at auction daily, therefore maintaining a dealership’s “live” inventory numbers on the lot change can be challenging

  • The NetLook Inventory Health Report Tool makes managing inventory easy with up-to-date information

  • With your photographer and internet staff continuously maintaining your online presence, this report will accurately reflect all current and ongoing inventory actions/changes, while simultaneously keeping your staff as informed as possible

  • Stock images on newly arrived units will not “fool” or otherwise impair the accuracy of this report

  • The email push report has a built-in "smart" recognition feature so that when a new unit has stock images pushed in from an outside source, that unit will be reported as having NO photos until the unit receives actual “live” photos

  • A report will be generated for each of your inventories to help your staff track
    new and used vehicle statistics individually

  • All New, Pre-Owned, or Wholesale inventories (if maintained separately) will each be included in daily report